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Central Asian Regional Integration

in the Vertex of the EU, Russia, and China

"Central Asian Regional Integration in the Vertex of the EU, Russia, and China" is a two-day, public, international event scheduled to be held in November 2024. The goal of the event is to explore Central Asia’s current situation as it has to deal with the contradictions of integration with the Russian economy while complying with EU sanctions against Russia and at the same time, balancing an increasing dependence on Chinese and Western investment with the concerns of its population. With European integration as a frame of reference and comparison, the symposium will feature one workshop and two academic panel sessions presenting comparative and competing scenarios of regionalism for Central Asia, possible models and alternatives for integration (and connectivity) within the region, with an eye on the Great power politics and rivalry that affect political and socio-economic processes.

Conference: Central Asian Reional Interation
in Vertext of the EU, Russia, and China

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